NJC3 3v3 Program (2012-2007)

NJC3 is a 3v3 program that will allow players the opportunity to play in a highly technical game, which requires creative and quick-minded players. Players will get more touches on the ball and will be free to express themselves with NJC guidance.

All sessions will be designed around helping players understand the requirements of playing in 3v3 competition. Creativity will be at the forefront of every session, with developing an understanding of movement and support. All players will gain the confidence in the sessions to compete in a 3v3 environment and be given the guidance to help them succeed.

Teams will be formed based on birth year and skill level. All teams will need a minimum of 5 players and a maximum of 6 to compete in the program.

If you have your own team that you would like to play with then please email Alan Harris alan@njcrushfc.com

The program will offer players the opportunity to train and compete in 3v3 tournaments around the local area. 

We ask all interested players to register their interest in the program at the link below and we will have coaches evaluate your daughter within a training session.


Details for the NJC3 program are listed below. 

NJC 3v3 program

  • 10 training sessions 
  • Training sessions will be 1 hour slots between 5pm-8pm on the below dates @ ETA in Franklin Lakes
    • December 1, 3, 8, 10, 15, 17, 21, 22, 28, 29 
  • 2 local tournaments on weekends in December / early January
  • Cost $499

All costs cover training, tournament entry fees, uniform and coaches expenses. Costs do not cover travel expenses.

Why 3v3?

A study by Manchester United showed that small sided games improved the percentages of the below compared with larger sided games.

Passes: +135% or 585 more passes in small sided games
Shots Taken: +260% or 481 more shots in  small sided games
Goals Scored: +500% or 301 more goals in  small sided games
1v1’s: +225% or 525 more 1v1’s in small sided games

Professional players agree with the stats above:

  • “The amount of space in 11-a-side is not good for young players you spend too much time running around without the ball.  I think the best way to improve your skills is to play on a smaller pitch." 

Juninho, Brazil World Cup Winner

  • “During my childhood in Portugal, all we played was futsal.  The small playing area helped me improve my close control, and whenever I played I felt free.  If it wasn’t for futsal, I wouldn’t be the player I am today.” 

Cristiano Ronaldo, 3 time FIFA Ballon d'Or winner